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used to map the accident, you can see the path of the car and jumping the traffic island where the two international students were standing. then crossing the street where it slammed into the restaurant. the city alcohol inspectors are assisting police in the investigation. >> we have cracked down on the players and revoked alcohol licenses and we'll continue to do that. >> reporter: jim graham was told that patron his to pay a cover charge to get into the free-drink happy hour. adams has no prior arrests and is now under court supervision with an 8:00 surfew -- curfew. the two international students are graduate students at john's hopkins university and the university satellite here on massachusetts avenue. their parents are here and have arrived from overseas. one is in critical condition and the other is in grave condition. >> does the police chief have the power to shut down that bar? we were asked that question several times and the answer is no. this doesn't reach that criteria. as you know, she has been able to shut down other establishments and i think there is a 24-hour or pe
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1